Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 weeks

This has been a big week for the puppies. They had their first solid food, went outside for the first time, and had a big change when they switched moms...but more on that later in the blog. The pups also have names. I am naming them after Farley Mowat Books. Names have not been assigned yet to specific pups but the names I am choosing from are: Never Cry Wolf, The Snow Walker, The White Canoe, An Arctic Journey, Grey Seas Under, Bay of Spirits, Polar Passion, and Dog Who Wouldn't Be.
The first trip outside is easier when we get a snack
Naked boy wonders what the heck Silver has on her nose
Yellow and Silver say hello to my neighbor ,who came over to see the pups
Puppies sunbathing
Silver and Pink look like they are plotting something
Pink and Yellow
Miss Silver tells everyone what she is thinking
Miss Pink already has the Chinook foot curl
Naked boy looks so serious
Puppies first meal. The Chinooks and the Water Spaniels enjoy it together

Honey checks out the puppies
Katsuk examines her granddaughter.
Pagan creeps in for a sniff. He is not quite sure what to think
Cornelia babysits the pups, she is quite smitten
Cornelia letting the pups nurse on her. She has even started lactating
Honey referees puppy play
A foot makes a wonderful toy
Thanks to a wonderful Care Package from Tammy and Judy, who own Moonsong Farwest Leader, my adult dogs also had a great week with new toys

All the pups snuggles together

This weekend I am moving to a new house that is quite a bit further from my workplace. I do not trust leaving two moms in the house alone together all day so made the decision to give all the pups to one mom. I will then have a vet tech at a local vet clinic come and feed mom and pups, let mom out, and clean puppy pen during the day and not have to worry about any mom conflicts. Sparkle is a great mom but she is older so I gave all the pups to Faethe. Now that they are on solid food, Faethe does not have to support them all for their full nutritional needs but she can still provide them with comfort and an occasional snack. Sparkle went to stay with a friend until the pups are weaned so she does not get upset not being able to go to her pups.
Faethe easily accepted the extra pups but can't quite figure out why things are so much more crowded! The Chinooks find faethe quite fascinating and had problems switching to her as mom
Before bedtime snack
Everyone getting ready for a nap
Happy Girl
Miss Silver 3 weeks
Miss Yellow
Mr. Red in the middle of a sneeze
Mr. Red
Miss Pink
Miss Pink
Naked Girl
Naked Girl
Naked Boy
Naked boy

Friday, April 22, 2011

2 weeks

Sparkle is looking great. Motherhood suits her. She is producing a lot of milk and is gaining weight!
The two boys getting drinks while the girls get weighed and get new collars

The pups started wrestling and playing this week. Here Sparkle referees some play between pups. We also had our first group howl this week- very cute little rooooos when they were hungry and Sparkle was outside.

Playtime quickly becomes naptime

If you can't get the best spot the regular way, go over!

Naked boy can't decide if he wants to play with Mr. Frog or nap

Most of the pups drop where they play but Miss Yellow always needs to search out the best spot. She will squeeze in between pink and naked completing a nice warm puppy pile.

Look at that nice pink buddha-belly

Mr. Red gets a drink while his littermates nap.

Miss Pink already shows the flexibility common in Chinooks

Now Miss Silver takes advantage of the quiet to get an uninterrupted snack


Miss Silver on the day her eyes opened- she has such a cute face...

...She also has the best snuggle spots and a good sense of humor

I like her fat little muzzle

Miss Yellow has a beautiful coat that is turning quite red

Yellow is the most placid and most quiet of the pups.

Miss Yellow
Mr. Red keeps losing his collar but he is still the smaller of the two boys so I know who is who. He is mighty though, very tenacious, and takes every opportunity he can to grab a drink.

Mr. Red is also the most playful- here he is playing with his stuffed dragon

He looks like a little seal!

Miss Pink has a coat that feels like mink- it is amazing to touch. She is also turning a beautiful red tawny

Miss Pink is very sweet and cuddly. She loves to be held and spoken to

Naked girl is a chunky thing and pretty lazy so far

Naked girl

Naked boy

Naked boy tries to walk a lot but is still a bit wobbly

He likes the dragon toy too

Naked boy has a big honkin' nose, just like his grandma Katsuk